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ECO4000 portable ozone machine.


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The ECO4000 portable ozone machine allows it to be used for shock treatments, mainly by hotel cleaning professionals, cleaning companies and car hand wash centers. As well as for the disinfection and extraction of all kinds of odors after the usual cleaning procedure.

Thanks to the latest built-in HIGH FREQUENCY technology for ozone production, you will get significantly higher results than with the systems used so far, you will reduce equipment despite producing high amounts of ozone.

By using these ozone generators the following results are achieved:

  1. Completely eliminate all types of odors, regardless of their origin (urinals, kitchens, sewers, damp, shoemakers ...)
  2. Disinfect the environment, eliminate viruses, bacteria and mites.
  3. Eliminate all microorganisms and odors from garments and fabrics.
  4. Obtain a complete sterilization of poorly ventilated places.
  5. Reduce the symptoms that people with asthma and allergies of all kinds have.
  6. Get the house to stop smelling if you have pets.
  7. Obtain an air quality that is very beneficial for health.

Power: 115W / 0.5A
Dimensions: 35 x 19.5 x 21.5
Weight: 3 kg
Production 03: 4000 mg / h max.
Flow: 300 m3 / h
Coverage: Medium spaces
Galvanized steel case
For direct use or compatible with standard size conduits.

Installed in workplaces, it drastically reduces the possibility of contagion between people from viruses such as influenza, thus reducing sick leave.

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ECO4000 portable ozone machine.

ECO4000 portable ozone machine.

  1. Disinfects the environment, eliminating viruses, bacteria and mites. It completely eliminates all kinds of odors, whatever their origin.